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Louis Jackson
August 23, 2017, 10:16:26 PM by Louis Jackson
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Field Report 1: March 2018


G'day lads and welcome to our new home. This site is the result of of a combined effort to make everyone's life easier. I'd also like to thank the rest of the command team for their support, as well as anyone else who has put work into this site. We're almost done. You are also viewing the first official field report which will allow us to communicate with the rest of the community offering a monthly update to ensure levels of communication are held within the unit.

Members of the Month

Congratulations to the following members for going above and beyond in the regiment
Other Rank of the Month Officer of the Month
      Corporal Jams                           Lieutenant Exodus


In part of our organisation feature, each game that 4RAR plays will have a dedicated company. The 4th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment will debut with Able Company for Hell Let Loose.
The Battalion Staff also wish to create Baker Company for Post Scriptum and onwards from there! So we would like to announce the official creation of Able Company:

        Commander: Lieutenant Exodus     Executive Officer: Sergeant Ramen

As the beginning of 4RAR is near to official launch, Able Company of the 4th Battalion will be the first company to the premier and launch the regiment in the next week. Under the leadership of Lt Exodus and Sergeant Ramen, they intend to make it the finest company to serve within 4RAR.


1939-1945 Star
Lieutenant Exodus
Sergeant Ramen
Private Maximus
Private Chuckles

Call to Arms Badge
Lieutenant Exodus 
Sergeant Ramen   
Corporal Cayne     
Corporal Jams     
Private Chuckles 
Private Maximus 
Private Hipporider
Private Rangiatea
Private Zac         
Private Lee         
Private Jay         

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Welcome to the 4th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment for WW2 Games!

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