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General Discussion / Ветошь прода
« Last post by VladimerTix on November 11, 2017, 10:20:24 PM »
Обтирочная ветошь хб – часто применяемый расходный материал на различных производствах. Нашими постоянными клиентами являются строительные и клининговые компании, авторемонтные мастерские, покрасочные станции и многие другие компании, где сталкиваются с проливом различных жидкостей. Для поддержания чистоты в таких компаниях широко применяется обтирочная ветошь . Она производится посредством переработки тканей одежды и других текстильных изделий, чем объясняется её выгодная стоимость. В нашем ассортименте вы найдете все типы ветоши от стандартной, до фланели и цветной трикотаж.
Recruitment Applications / Scott's Application
« Last post by Scots_Sterling on September 21, 2017, 08:52:47 PM »
Steam Profile Link:
Historical Name: Scott Sterling
Region (OC/NA/EU): NA
Age: 17
Previous Experience: Notably a Sgt 1st Class, Col, Cpt, and 1st Lt in various Mount & Blade regiments. Cpl in Red Orchestra: Rising Storm. Cpl in Arma 3 Mil Sim.
Why do you want to join and what can you offer us as a member? I am simply exploring a new community to see if they want to take my leadership skills or not
Do you have any other skills? I have a particular set of skills that are not limited to: leading, following, sarcasm, historical knowledge, common sense, and killing
How'd you find us? Someone invited me
I agree to all of the rules including Articles of War that the 1stRVR has asked me to follow: Roger Roger
Recruitment Applications / Application
« Last post by Das Swede on September 18, 2017, 11:07:27 PM »
Steam Profile Link:
Historical Name: Jack Kalle
Region (OC/NA/EU): NA
Age: 25
Previous Experience: been in a few black watch regiments a few years ago for NW, been in SQUAD and Arma realism clans,and outside of gaming went to military academy and done military reenactments for french and indian war, revolutionary war as a British regular and light infantry and an NCO in a ww2 british para unit
Why do you want to join and what can you offer us as a member? did research online on regiments because i want to join a solid one for Holdfast, and this regiment looked pretty interesting. and as a member i can offer you my free time, experience, and position as a extra man on the line
Do you have any other skills? other skills include making music, and carpentry
How'd you find us? through holdfast discussions page on steam
I agree to all of the rules including Articles of War that the 1stRVR has asked me to follow: yes
Recruitment Applications / HanTony Enlistment Application
« Last post by Todderton on September 14, 2017, 10:49:56 PM »
Steam Profile Link:
Historical Name: Han Tony
Region (OC/NA/EU): EU, C Comany
Age: 29
Previous Experience: Member of SGC. variety gaming clan who focus on fun and messing about.
Why do you want to join and what can you offer us as a member? You plan to play a cool looking new game called Holdout. I'm a bit of an ork in shooter games, charging in to disrupt lines and cause chaos.
Do you have any other skills? Have ran guilds in my younger days with traditional old MMORPG. I work as a chef with a busy work rota.
How'd you find us? Head hunted by friend
I agree to all of the rules including Articles of War that the 1stRVR has asked me to follow: Yes
Recruitment Applications / Re: Articles of War
« Last post by Louis Jackson on September 09, 2017, 11:56:15 AM »

Chapter 4 - Ranks

Army Ranks
Naval Ranks

Chapter 5 - Promotions
Promotion Points

Chapter 6 - Detachments

Chapter 7 - Roles
In-Game Roles
Battalion Jobs
Recruitment Applications / Articles of War
« Last post by Louis Jackson on September 08, 2017, 10:18:53 PM »

Chapter 1 - Recruit and Member Expectations
Recruit Expectations
Recruit Expectations

1. All prospective members start at the rank of recruit, regardless of past standing with other organizations.

- As a member, you are assigned a primary chain of command and should follow that chain starting with your first point of contact being your Corporal. This will be discussed in Orientation.

2. Upon joining RVR you will be assigned to a Recruit Training (Recruit Training) Class where you will begin the training process. The dates and times will be specified.

3. You are expected to complete your Orientation within your first week of being accepted to RVR. You are also required to have completed RT.

4. Upon completion of the above requirements you will be evaluated for full membership and promotion to the rank of Private.

5. Any Recruit who receives a strike or other disciplinary measure will have theately terminated.

Member Expectations
Member Expectations

1. Members are encouraged to attend all training, meetings, and operations that are available to them. Members are expected to attend more than 50% of events, if for some reason they don't the member will have a meeting with their superiors.

2. You must contact your Section Leader (Corporal) or 2IC (Lance Corporal) in the case you cannot attend an event.

3. Members are expected to visit and post on the forums every few days, a week maximum.

4. Members are required to post a Leave of Absence if gone for a week or two.

5. Conduct oneself accordingly to the Articles of War and values.

Chapter 2 - Rules
General Rules
General Rules
1. No Racism
Racial discrimination is when a person is treated less favourably than another person in a similar situation because of their race, colour, descent, national or ethnic origin or immigrant status. Any member of the 1stRVR found committing racism will face serious consequences.

2. No Bullying
Personal attacks and any of that nature that deem intervention that goes beyond 'friendly banter' will result in serious consequences.

3. TeamSpeak 3 Spam
We request that you do not spam or 'hot mic' in TS3. Please ensure you dont as it makes it harder to communicate effectively. You should use push to talk almost always.

4. Follow Orders
Please follow instructions to the best of your ability. Example: If an officer asks you to switch a certain weapon, switch to the weapon as fast as possible.

5. Age Requirement
Please ensure that you are minimum 15 years of age and if you only meet the minimum, you will be required to be on your best behaviour, always.

6. Do not bring the 1st into disrepute
Conduct yourself in a well manner that will not cause any issues within the regiment or out of the regiment. Example: poaching members from other regiments is strictly forbidden.

7. Power Abuse
If found abusing your power or rank/role it will be removed immediately with little warning on a side note also asking for a promotion or award directly will also be denied and not beneficial to your cause.

8. Respect
All members regardless of rank are to be spoken to and treated with respect at all times.

9. No Hackers
Simple. We will do everything in our power to make sure you never play the game with another community or in a local server again.

10. Information Leaking
Do not leak information from the regiment that is held secretly like passwords or tactics.

A more in-depth descriptions and situations will be be created and launched with our website on release.

In-Game Rules
In-Game Rules

All members of the regiment must wear appropiate tags when in-game representing the 1st Royal Victoria Regiment. The tags are taught in Recruit Training, make sure you remember yours. Currently until they implement an in-game option, steam names must be altered. Tags are as follows: 1RVR | *Rank* *Last Name* example: 1RVR | Major Jackson

2. Forms of Address
In-Game Members are to be addressed by their rank and name (eg ?Captain Jones?) or their appointment (eg ?Quartermaster'.) Officers can also be called by their juniors as ?sir? or ?ma'am?. Out of game, it isn't required whatsoever.

3. Team-killing[/b]
Team-killing during a match in retaliation is not good conduct and is not a quality that the regiment takes pride in. Team-killing is highly frowned upon especially against other regiments. Members who teamkill on purpose will result in serious consequences.

4.Chat Abuse
Please don't respond to chat abuse in-game from other regiments. It makes us appear to be unprofessional. Also abusing another person in global chat will result in punishment as you are bringing the 1st into disrepute.

5. Double Regiments
By joining the 1st, you agree to be fully dedicated to the regiment in Holdfast: Nations at War. By joining another regiment while still a member of the 1st, you are in breach of that and this will result in a dishonourable discharge.

6. Orders
In the 1st, we have a rank structure. This allows us to run smoothly while also being able to be a milsim. We require that you follow all orders in-game given by the authority. Disobeying lawful orders results in severe consequences.

7. In-Game Goofs
We require that you listen inventively to orders at all times. If you fail to do so it usually results in messing up. This means in formations and when in battle.

We ask that you particulary don't do the following:
- Lose the regimental flag
- Presenting in the 'Make Ready' phase
- Not charging
- Unauthorized discharge of weapon

The 1st does not take prisoners, execute on site. The 1st also believes in never surrendering by surrendering you're discrediting your team mates efforts. Don't surrender.

Never retreat when you are ordered to keep fighting. It's cowardly and highly frowned upon.

Forum Rules
Forum Rules
1. Members & Recruits alike, need to maintain activity on the Forums. We expect that you visit every few days at least and post once a week to interact with other members.
 - If you are going to be out of contact for an extended period of time you must post a Leave of Absence and report it to your first line leader

2. At all times you are to show respect to your fellow members.

3. Use of offensive language like insults that go beyond banter will be handled by your superiors, this is done on a case by case basis.
 - Discussions involving race, religion, sexual slurs, politics, or any of that kind is prohibited.
 - When representing the regiment as a member on any forum or chat, you are to follow our Articles of War as if you were on our forums while also abiding by the host's rules.

Teamspeak 3 & Discord Rules
Teamspeak 3 & Discord Rules
1. Members must have a functional microphone, but do not need to use it unless they are in a leadership role or otherwise specified by the game-specific rules.

2. When you are playing Holdfast: Nations at War you are required to be on Discord.

3. At all times you are to remain respectful and observe proper etiquette when using our TeamSpeak or representing RVR on another TeamSpeak.
 - Use of sound boards on TeamSpeak is prohibited, as is the unwanted spamming of music.
 - When joining a channel, wait up to 30 seconds to be acknowledged before speaking.

Chapter 3 - Strikes
You are expected to maintain a high level of discipline as a member of the 1st Royal Victoria Regiment. 1RVR prides itself on its discipline and teamwork and you must maintain these levels to the utmost ability.
Making mistakes are fine and common, most of the time depending on what it is you'll get a verbal warning followed up by a strike. You will muck up and make a mistake, you might get a strike for it. If you feel like your strike is not lawful within our unit, feel free to report it up Chain of Command.

Any strikes that are felt as unjust or wrongfully given can be appealed to the Justice System contact form. All rulings about strikes from the Justice System are final and a strike may only ever be tried for appeal once.

You get 6 Strike Points allotted as a Full Member.

At 5 strikes, you will be automatically placed on probation and will need to go
through the Probation Process to be returned to full member status.

At 6 strikes, you will be automatically removed from clan and blacklisted.
Any appeals will need to be made through the Justice System.

You have 0 strike points as a Recruit

Breaking News / Information Regarding Passwords
« Last post by Louis Jackson on September 08, 2017, 08:32:55 AM »
While we test the security of the forum, we suggest that you please use different passwords to your normal while we test the security of our forums.

Major Louis Jackson
Breaking News / 1st Royal Victoria Regiment - 2017 Plan
« Last post by Louis Jackson on September 07, 2017, 07:59:52 PM »

My Vision:
"The 1st Royal Victoria Regiment is a military simulation unit that enforces a realistic type approach to the game of H:NAW. The unit emulates real life Australian Soldiers, both in gameplay and training."

My Key Focus Points 2017:
My key focus this year relies on a number of these topics: exclusivity, recruitment, leadership, the use of ranks and activity.

Exclusiveness will drive away the toxicity from the NW Community. Throwing a group of blokes together and telling them to play the game and follow my orders, simply doesn't work. We must get to know each other, become a tight knit community and not let in every bloke who tries to blow our house down.

Furthermore we appreciate the strength of games that promote teamwork and reward players for working together. This is what Holdfast will do. Therefore the core principle we will hold when in this regiment is to create an experience that is meaningful, competitive and teamwork oriented.

The regiment cannot grow or be active by one person alone. It takes commitment from many people. From respectable senior officers to lead the unit, to good junior officers to lead the platoons, to Non-Commissioned Officers to organise the sections and enlisted men to make up numbers. I cannot be the only member recruiting for the regiment, if you don't recruit, we will die. It's as simple as that. I will be creating seminars and events to ensure that you are properly trained to recruit and introduce players to our regiment.

The 1stRVR needs is someone willing to encourage, support & show leadership in the realism community and not just your platoon or company. We don't want leaders who care about their own success. We want leaders who support the unit as a whole. We need our officers to be a passionate person who loves the regiment and can build rapport to get people keen. Politics in the regiment kills it and we certainly don't want people who want to be an officer so they can have prestige of leading and the rank that comes with it.

Fill the rank
If we have leadership thats not filling the role and example thats required for that rank? Why does the member have it? People wont follow a non-existent or bad leader despite rank. People who earn their rank constantly should have it. Be a leader, even if you're an enlisted member. If an NCO or Officer does not pull their weight, they will be stepped down and then discharged, we don't want to mess around with people who aren't going to put in.

The regiment needs active members who are willing to commit and embrace the unit. We need the regiment in it's beginning stage to be full of 'active' members whom get in to not only support the unit but step up to lead eventually lead a section, a platoon/detachment and maybe even a company one day or a few even oversee/take charge organising events. The regiment doesn't need to fall on one person to 'take charge' and make it successful. All it requires is active members willing to support the clan they are apart of.

- Gain 100 Members (50 per Company A & B)
- Establish 2 Community Event Nights a Week (Altering Games)
- Expand into Hell Let Loose
Recruitment Applications / Important Articles of War
« Last post by Louis Jackson on September 05, 2017, 01:09:35 PM »


As a military-style clan with a heavy emphasis on chain of command, ranks, awards, decorations and jobs. We are also dedicated on ensuring that all members are openly willing to join us in our vision and help create a long history of our community. With this in mind, we have created the Articles of War (AoW) which is similar to a rule book to support our views and values while also protecting the regiment and our community's integrity & honour. We must draw the line between what is acceptable behaviour and what isn't within our regiment which we shall detail in this post.

The Articles of War is both a code of conduct and a set of rules. This document is required reading for all members of RVR -- all members are expected to read this document and adhere to its expectations. You will post a reply in the AOW forum thread with a simple "/sign" should you accept the terms we put forth.

If you do not adhere to our rules after signing you will be met with Strikes and Demerits that would lead to an eventual discharge or demotion.

In the Articles of War it details our policies, procedures, values, mottos and discipline.

Motto: Semper Paratus (Always Ready)
The 1st Royal Victoria Regiment has adopted the motto 'Semper Paratus' meaning 'Always Ready' from the real 6th Battalion, Royal Victoria Regiment. The motto represents our ability to be ready for everything in-game and out of game. We as a battalion are held to the highest standards and are ready to face the odds as we are always ready. The Company Staff are ready to plan and strategise the mission, our Platoons are ready to follow the orders and complete the objective and our Sections are ready to assault the hill and kill or capture the enemy. No matter the mission, the objective or the odds we the 1st Royal Victoria Regiment are always ready.

"Aye! We've been always ready!
To do, to fight, or die
Write glory to the shield we wear
In letters to the sky.
To kill the foe or save the maimed,
Our mission and our pride.
We'll carry on 'til Kingdom Come,
Ideals for which we've died."

Our Values
We expect that all of our members try to live up to these qualities while representing the regiment in and out of game.
  • Courage, to act in the best interests of the Royal Victoria Regiment and the Community; including the moral strength and professionalism to balance the will to win with compassion, and mateship with duty.
  • Initiative to explore opportunities and embrace innovation to improve the RVR and our gaming environment.
  • Respect for ourselves, our mates, our community and our history; acknowledging that each one of us has earned the right to play in this regiment and the responsibility to uphold the values that being a member symbolises.
  • Teamwork to support each other, our community, our allies and our teammates in striving to achieve our mission.
Our members are regarded as disciplined, trained, and professional. As such, we expect all of our members to act the part by following our values and AoW. Always have these in mind when you are representing the regiment to ensure you are acting accordingly.

Recruitment Applications / Important How to Enlist!
« Last post by Louis Jackson on September 05, 2017, 12:43:12 PM »
Instructions to Enlist

Step 1. Create a new post in Recruitment Applications

Step 2. Make the subject aka Title as: *Name* Enlistment Application

Step 3. Copy the following code and paste it into the thread

Step 4. Make sure you answer all the questions in a serious manner, do not lie either.

Code: [Select]
[b]Steam Profile Link: [/b]
[b]Historical Name: [/b]
[b]Region (OC/NA/EU): [/b]
[b]Age: [/b]
[b]Previous Experience: [/b]
[b]Why do you want to join and what can you offer us as a member? [/b]
[b]Do you have any other skills? [/b]
[b]How'd you find us? [/b]
[b]I agree to all of the rules including Articles of War that the 1stRVR has asked me to follow:[/b]

A response will be made to your application within 24 hours!

Click the link to see the Articles of War (Rules)

Major Louis Jackson
Regimental Commanding Officer
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